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When Your Partner Doesn't Want to Do the KonMari Method

konmari tips Apr 05, 2019

As beneficial as the KonMari Method is for your home and family, not all members may be on board right away (if ever). While this can be upsetting, frustrating and even cause for reconsidering your own journey, there are ways to approach this likely sensitive topic. 

First, make sure that you have thoroughly shared your desire and reasoning for doing the KonMari Method with your partner. I always encourage my clients to plan an appropriate time to have this discussion; when it can be relaxed, open and void of other distractions. Often a partner's lack of interest is a result of not understanding the method and ultimately the outcome. Sharing your reasoning and hopefulness of journeying as a couple and/or family may invite participation.

If the above suggestion does not result in your partner willful participation, be mindful that not every pursuit of yours will be a shared one. As wonderful as the KonMari Method is, it does require commitment, time and ultimately the desire to...

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Tips for Completing the KonMari Method

konmari tips tips Mar 11, 2019

Here's a bit of a real talk. Like a lot of new pursuits, there is an initial honeymoon stage whereby you are swept up in excitement and optimism. You're firing on all cylinders and you couldn't be more motivated. Then, inevitably, you settle into your new endeavour and the time, effort and commitment start to fog up the rose coloured glasses you were wearing. This is when we must dig in a bit deeper and find ways in which to stay the course and see our pursuit through to completion.

Below are five practical things you can do to ensure you complete your KonMari journey:

  1. Visit (and revisit) your vision: There is a reason you sought out the KonMari Method. You decided to make a positive change to create order and tidiness in your home. Your reasons and goals are your vision. Spending time reflecting on your objective is an easy way to reignite your motivation. 
  2. Have realistic expectations: The KonMari Method does require effort - both physical and emotional. The tidying...
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5 Things That Changed After Completing the KonMari Method

konmari konmari method Feb 08, 2019

I recently asked the following question to a group of my clients who have just completed my Twelve Weeks to Tidy Program, "in what way(s) has either journeying through or completing the KonMari Method changed your life"? Of course I had my own answers to this question, but I was curious to see what others would share. Perhaps not surprisingly, the replies I received, were completly in keeping with my own sentiments and experience. Below are the top five most popular responses:

  1. Sense of calm - Having your home filled with only the things that Spark Joy is a solid foundation for feeling an overall sense of control and calm in all aspects of your life. When your home is in order, others things tend to follow suit. For the things that are not in order, most people express that they feel more focused and motivated to make positive changes. 
  2. Easier to part with things - Learning through the tidying process of the KonMari Method instills an ease by which to let go of...
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Decluttering Digital Using the KonMari Method

Digital clutter, while it does not occupy physical space, definitely occupies mental. Email spam, Facebook group notifications, digital photos, files, apps... it can be very overwhelming (and seemingly impossible to escape)! For most people, decluttering digital seems so unattainable that they simply do not try. However, a simple strategy and commitment of time is all that is required. 

The liberating feeling of not being inundated with marketing, notifications and multimedia options is one worth putting effort in to achieve. Read on to learn how to regain control of your digital affairs.


1. As with other categories of the KonMari Method, addressing digital with one sub grouping at a time will keep you focused and ensure you are thorough with your tidying.
2. Predetermine what digital areas of clutter you need to address. You may find it beneficial to order these categories by easiest (or least effort) to hardest (most effort).
3. Take your time....

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Best Marie Kondo Quotes

While going through the my own KonMari journey, I often found myself seeking motivation, inspiration and above all reassurance. In an effort to create an easy source of reference for when I was seeking encouragement, I added a page to my KonMari journey journal (say that 5 times fast) of Marie Kondo quotes. This quote page helped me immensely. If you are going through the KonMari Method, I highly encourage you to create your own list of favorite Kondo quotes. Write them in your journal, include a few in your daily planner, post them on your fridge - you'll be glad you did!

There are a lot of Marie Kondo quotes to be found, but here are a few of my personal favorites:

1. "The best way to find out what we really need is to get rid of what we don't".
A lot of things become very obvious once you begin removing clutter from your home. Things you never thought possible, become options and things you never considered become increasingly obvious.

2. "The space in which we live should be for the...

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Starting the KonMari Method

In watching the new Netflix series, 'Tidying Up with Marie Kondo' I was able to put myself right back into the mindset I had when I began my own KonMari journey back in 2015. Though I work with clients every single day on the KonMari Method, watching the Netflix series allowed me to simply be an observer rather than a facilitator. In this, I have truly been able to reflect on my experience, especially with respect to how I got started on my journey.

Sometimes you need to go back to the beginning in order to fully appreciate how far you have come. On the Saturday I began with tidying my clothing, I was cautiously optimistic and equally desperate for change. What I was not aware of then was the extent of the change I was about to experience, both in my home and my person.

I have been candid in sharing my KonMari journey. I've noted the highs and lows of the physical process of tidying; and I've focused just about the same, on my personal growth that transpired while...

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How the KonMari Method Changed my Life

Uncategorized Jan 05, 2019

As I've shared in other content, the KonMari Method not only changed our home, but to the same extent me as a person. The latter is not something I anticipated, yet it has created as lasting of an impact on my life as tidying up our home has.

Clutter and disorganization has an overwhelmingly negative affect on our mental wellness, yet it is rarely discussed much less remedied. This article by Sherrie Bourg Carter, Psy. D is a tremendous resource to help illustrate my point and is well worth the read. For further conveyance, picture how you would feel in a room that is packed with overflowing boxes, with books stacked to the ceiling and clothing in piles all over the floor. Now comparatively, imagine how you would feel in a room that is void of clutter, where there is nothing on the floor and where everything is intentionally displayed. It is not hard to determine which would be the preferred environment and how living in this space would have a positive affect on your life. 


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