5 Things That Changed After Completing the KonMari Method

I recently asked the following question to a group of my clients who have just completed my Twelve Weeks to Tidy Program, "in what way(s) has either journeying through or completing the KonMari Method changed your life"? Of course I had my own answers to this question, but I was curious to see what others would share. Perhaps not surprisingly, the replies I received, were completly in keeping with my own sentiments and experience. Below are the top five most popular responses:

  1. Sense of calm - Having your home filled with only the things that Spark Joy is a solid foundation for feeling an overall sense of control and calm in all aspects of your life. When your home is in order, others things tend to follow suit. For the things that are not in order, most people express that they feel more focused and motivated to make positive changes. 
  2. Easier to part with things - Learning through the tidying process of the KonMari Method instills an ease by which to let go of things and to recognize when belongings are no longer serving us. 
  3. More free time! - Time not spent cleaning and tidying in circles, affords us the opportunity to do more of what we want without guilt or reservation. New hobbies and interests become much more identifiable when we have downtime to recognize them.
  4. Order and organization - Simply put, the obvious benefit of the method is a tidy home. This is the main reason most people seek out and commit to the process. It doesn't dissapoint!
  5. Shopping with intention - The days of buying on impulse or without joy are over once you start your KonMari journey. You become much more intentional about what you invest in and in turn, are likely to find you shop and spend less.

I have just a few personal observations to add to the list. Some of these changes were obvious at the very onset of my tidying journey, while others have been made clear the longer I live with a focus on joy.

  1. Confidence - I have made tremendous strides in this area of my life over the last several years and I know unequivocally that the reason is directly related to completing the KonMari Method. Soon after I began tidying, I recognized that I felt confidence in my ability to actually progress through a process that wasn't necessarily straight forward or easy. This is an area in my life in which I previous had struggled. Elective pursuits that didn't come together naturally were ones that I always avoided or quickly gave up on. Beginning and staying committed to the tidying process was a big eye-opener for me in recognizing my own capabilities. Over time, my confidence has blossomed in other areas as well; overall ability to make decisions, take risks and try new things all without doubt or reservation. I feel more myself than I ever have and I continue to grow in this journey daily.
  2. Energy - Energy and motivation go hand in hand for me. I believe the reason I have more energy and motivation, in all facets of my life, is simply a result of no longer feeling bogged down by the physical and mental exhaustion I use to experience from our home being so unsettled.
  3. Mental Clarity - One thing I have come to really understand is the subconcious mental strain that living with clutter can cause. Prior to beginning the KonMari Method I seemed to function solely in a fog-like state. I found making decisions difficult, I was never focused and always struggled with staying on task. Even simple things like my daily cleaning routine took an unreasonable amount of effort to complete. Looking back, it's obvious now that I was just extremely overwhelmed and distracted by clutter and disorder. This impeded my ability to stay on top of our housework, much less get ahead with any home projects. Now my mind feels much clearer and I operate without effort in terms of needing to prompt myself on simple things. As a result, I'm more productive and it shows around our home!

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