When Your Partner Doesn't Want to Do the KonMari Method

As beneficial as the KonMari Method is for your home and family, not all members may be on board right away (if ever). While this can be upsetting, frustrating and even cause for reconsidering your own journey, there are ways to approach this likely sensitive topic. 

First, make sure that you have thoroughly shared your desire and reasoning for doing the KonMari Method with your partner. I always encourage my clients to plan an appropriate time to have this discussion; when it can be relaxed, open and void of other distractions. Often a partner's lack of interest is a result of not understanding the method and ultimately the outcome. Sharing your reasoning and hopefulness of journeying as a couple and/or family may invite participation.

If the above suggestion does not result in your partner willful participation, be mindful that not every pursuit of yours will be a shared one. As wonderful as the KonMari Method is, it does require commitment, time and ultimately the desire to journey through the process. Being hurt or angry that your partner does not initially share this same goal will only hurt your progress and experience with the method. Focus rather on going through this process for yourself and channel your time and energy towards your own motives, progress and desired outcome. 

The KonMari Method is a great example of, "seeing is believing". A lot of times clients will share that despite not initially be interested in the method, partners and other family members reconsider and join in when they see the benefits of tidying come to fruition within the home.

If your partner or family never decide to participate, that is ultimately their decision. This process is as much about decluttering and simplifying your home as it is discovering what is important to you and your life. The benefits of going through this process are immeasurable and well worth your effort. Tidy your belongings and the communal areas of the home with openness and respect - this will be as much a gift to yourself as it will be the members of your home and the space you share. 


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