KonMari Virtual Tidying Program

Twelve Weeks to Tidy is designed to navigate and assist journeying through the KonMari Method with ease.

Let's take the guess work out of the KonMari Method.

The KonMari Method is amazing. It will transform not only your home, but equally your life. While the end goal of completing the process is clear, getting there isn't necessarily as easy. Twelve Weeks to Tidy provides step-by-step instruction so you can get started right away.

Complete the Entire KonMari Method with Clear Instruction.

Used and loved by thousands, the Twelve Week to Tidy is a clear step-by-step guide through the entire KonMari Method. Save hundreds of hours and be truly successful in finally decluttering your home.


Frequently Asked Questions

All Twelve Weeks to Tidy programs are designed to be completed at the client's individual preferred pace. 'Twelve Weeks' only refers to focusing on one week per each of the 12 categories of tidying. Some people are able to complete the process over twelve weeks while others can take 6+ months.

One year from the date of purchase.

The main tidying lessons are based on the twelve areas of tidying (decluttering).

"For me, the book was not enough. And this show is not enough. What Janine at My Joyful Home - Certified KonMari Consultant offers goes way beyond both of these. And it's worth every penny. I can't recommend her enough. If you loved the show and want to do it yourself, but ACTUALLY get through it and have the support of a community and a KonMari trained expert to help you navigate this big task, get yourself signed up for one of her services."

Ashley MacPherson
Nova Scotia, Canada

One on One Consults

Individual consulting sessions are a wonderful, supplementary addition to the Basic and Standard programs. I can answer all questions and facilitate my guidance based on your unique needs. 

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