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About the Method

The KonMari Method is unlike any other form of decluttering. Learn about tidying guru, Marie Kondo's acclaimed process.



The process is unique and often evokes many questions. Read the answers to my most commonly asked ones.


Why KonMari

With many strategies for decluttering, it could be easy to assume the KonMari is like the rest. Discover why it's not!



Grab my KonMari Vision Guide for free as the first step of your journey

Signature Program

Complete the KonMari Method with detailed, step by step instruction. This course includes downloadable pdf instruction, video demonstrations and access to exclusive support forum. 

Complete the method in twelve weeks or at your own pace.


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Not sure if this is for you? I get it. Why not start with the first category before committing to the whole program.

Meet Me

Hi! I'm Janine and I'm passionate about the KonMari Method because it truly transformed my life. I went from panicking at the idea of having unexpected guests, feeling overwhelmed by clutter to now absolutely loving my home.

I know that my prior struggle wasn't a unique one and a lot of people feel the same overwhelm I did.

For those looking for clear, compassionate and effective support, I'm here!

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Individual Consults 

A popular choice if you're looking to:

  • Determine if the KonMari Method is a good fit for your objective
  • Professional guidance and support for your personal journey
  • Seek advice on a specific question or situation
  • Establish measurable goals
  • Troubleshoot
  • Get back on track
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"Every day I come home to a place of unbelievable comfort and joy that I hardly (want to) leave the next morning. Thank you so much for helping others and sharing your journey and your honesty! "

S. Kurth
Former Client

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KonMari Vision Guide


The first step of your KonMari Journey

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Category One


Try out my program with the first category of tidying clothing.

- Instructional PDF
- Clothing Checklist
- Video (25 min)

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12 Weeks to Tidy Program


Signature program to complete the KonMari Method.

- Individual Support
- Full course material
- Downloadable PDFs
- Video Tutorials
- Online Master Support Group
- One Year Password Protected Access

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