Spring is the Perfect Time to Spark Joy!

✔︎ Easy to follow instruction
✔︎  Certified Support
✔︎  Motivation

The life-changing benefits of decluttering using the KonMari Method are immeasurable. Whether you're looking to simply gain control of your home, reclaim your life or both; decluttering is the first step.

When we're not mentally and physically overwhelmed by clutter, everything is possible. What better time to start anew than the spring!

Only offered once per year, the Spring Spark Joy Challenge is a perfect fit for those looking to:

  • Understand the KonMari Method in a relatable and easy to implement way
  • Complete the KonMari Method through the convenience of an online program (mobile responsive)
  • Navigate the KonMari Method through step-by-step guidance, instruction and real-life application
  • Have access to a community of fellow participants for encouragement and support
  • Q&A opportunities with a Certified KonMari consultant


- About the Method
- Initial FAQ
- Creating your Vision
- Master Checklist

- 12x Instructional Modules
- 14x Instructional PDFs (Downloadable)
- 7x Instructional Videos (totalling 5 hours)

- 1x Instructional PDF

- Q&A Sessions
- Motivational encouragement

All material is available for 6 months from date of purchase.

$75 USD

Please note:
- Space is limited
- Upon registration, members gain immediate access to the Challenge Community and Welcome Module. Tidying begins April 7. 2019 (Registration open until April 14.)


Frequently Asked Questions

Once purchased, members will have immediate access to the Challenge Community so they can begin connecting with fellow participants and the Welcome section of the program to begin the (minimal) prep work.

Each Sunday a new category of tidying will be released within the program.

While participation in the challenge community is encouraged, involvement is completely elective.

That's absolutely fine! Once the 12 weeks of the challenge is complete, members will continue to have access to the challenge program for an additional three months. All instructional PDFs are available as downloads for future reference.

The Spark Joy Challenge is only hosted once per year, during the spring.

  • The Spark Joy Challenge is best suited for those who are ready to begin tidying on or close to the commencement date of the challenge. This is because instructor support and involvement is limited to when the challenge is live.
  • The Spark Joy Challenge is only offered once per year during the spring months. Purchase of the Twelve Weeks to Tidy Program is offered year round.
  • Instruction provided in the Spark Joy Challenge is less than what is included in the Twelve Weeks to Tidy Program.
  • Participants of the Spark Joy Challenge do not receive membership to the KonMari Master Community Group.

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