About the KonMari Method


The KonMari Method is a practical and effective way to simplify, organize, and create a home that is void of clutter forever. This method was created by Japanese cleaning expert, Marie Kondo, who recognized that the common approach of decluttering room-by-room or little-by-little almost always resulted in failure. Kondo's process of decluttering by category and using the principle of determining what remains by whether it "sparks joy" has resulting in a zero relapse rate and a waiting list time of over three months for her consulting. What started as a trend in Japan has now become a worldwide phenomenon. Marie Kondo has sold over 5 million books and has been a guest on popular television shows such as Ellen. Most recently she launched an eight episode video series for Netflix.

Real Life Application & Results

The KonMari Method is a solid choice for those looking to declutter once and for all. It teaches a new sense of appreciation, gratitude and ownership toward one's belongings. It's within this journey that individuals create new, life-long routines that ultimately make living clutter free, sustainable.

It is not however, a passive process. The KonMari Method requires equally, mental effort of dedication and focus, and physical effort in actually tidying (decluttering). 


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