Janine Young obtained her BA with major in Psychology from St Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia, Canada, where she currently lives. She has worked as an ESL teacher in South Korea, a counsellor for individuals suffering from traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) and, for the past several years, as a stay at home parent. Shortly after her third child was born, Janine purchased Kondo’s ‘The Life Changing Magic of Tidying up and thought it would be neat to Vlog her experience as she progressed through each category.

Janine Young has since become synonymous with the method on YouTube, and in North America, through her channel Along With the Youngs.



My Mission

My mission is quite simple, to be the bridge between wanting to find success in decluttering and actually accomplishing the goal. 

When I set out to declutter my own home in 2015, I had Marie Kondo's first book, a desire for change but only a very loose idea on how to actually navigate the process. 

I hit a lot of low points in my KonMari journey. Not because the method was failing me, but because I simply couldn't figure out how to implement her teaching into my journey and family home. I spent almost as much time trying to figure that out as I did actually tidying. I needed and wanted support.

Fast forward four years, I now have the pleasure of guiding people just like me through the KonMari Method. I take the guess work out of the process, support my clients with specific instruction and get to see them flourish in their journeys because of this. That's my goal and I get to see it realized every single day (talk about Sparking Joy!)


How Can I Help Your Journey?

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