KonMari Kids | Top Questions Asked


Below are the top five most often asked questions related to teaching the KonMari Method to children. If you have been on the fence about introducing what it means to Spark Joy to your little ones, perhaps the following information will reassure you of how truly realistic it is.

1. At what age can you introduce the KonMari Method to children? 
Marie Kondo suggests age three as appropriate for beginning to teach children the idea of Spark Joy. In my personal experience as a parent and professionally working with families, I fully agree with this. Like all skills, this continues to develop through maturity and practice.

2. What age do you find children really start to understand the concept of, Spark Joy?
Ages 8-10 are when children typically start to recognize and are able to process the benefits of living in a serene and tidy way. This also coincides with their ability to name and maintain this preference through the act of determining what Sparks Joy. It is also at this age that many adolescents start to apply the measure of Spark Joy without needing encouragement or guidance to do so. 

3. What categories are appropriate for children to tidy?
The first categories I have my KonMari families work on with their children are the kid's clothing, toys and books. Additional categories can include toiletries, Komono and paper.

4. Is it a lot of work?
The answer to this question varies depending on multiple factors. The first consideration is the child themselves. Like all new skills some children adapt quicker than others. Age factors in as well, the older the child, typically the less time required. Another variable is the initial time investment on the part of the parent or facilitator. Being diligent in the beginning of when the method is first being introduced, creates less "maintenance" later on. So while it's impossible to provide a yes or no answer, I will share that every parent I have guided thus far have told that it didn't take as much time as they anticipated.

5. How do I encourage my child to continue practicing under the KonMari Method?
Depending on the age of the child, once the KonMari method has been taught and understood, parents may find they never have to remind or encourage additional tidying. If the children are little (age 10 or younger) maintenance of their belongings will be an ongoing activity. The biggest piece of advice I offer parents for encouraging children to continue tidying, is to make it a fun experience! Ensure the child is first in a pleasant mood (and so are you), that only one category is tidied during each session and once the child starts to lose focus or interest that you stop and resume at a later time/day. 

*Our KonMari Kids Consulting is offered on a quarterly basis and is available both in person and virtually.