How to Go Through the KonMari Method as a Family


Completing the KonMari Method has been one of, if not, the best things we've ever done for our family. While we still have to maintain order and cleanliness in our home, the KonMari Method has afforded us joy, a sense of pride and an every day gratitude for the space that we enjoy as a family. We spend less than half the time and effort we use to cleaning and tidying, which has allowed for more time spent together enjoying these precious years with our children. 

The KonMari Method is an achievable undertaking for every family, but it does require commitment and a strategy for success. Below I am sharing the outline of my foundation for my KonMari Kids, family focused, consulting program. When implemented this sets every member of the family up for success and instills a sense of team for the entire process. 

Team KonMari Family
*Following these steps is recommended prior to beginning the KonMari process

1. Pick the Team Captain
This is usually a parent, but can sometimes be an older child (age 15+). This designated person
will fulfill the role of facilitating the KonMari process. They are responsible for keeping the
family on schedule with the tidying, will work to maintain motivation and will complete the majority of the tidying. 

2. Establish a "Gameplan" or schedule
Creating a gameplan for tidying is imperative. This incorporates the KonMari process into the family schedule, making it a priority and focus. When designated time has been allotted for tidying it makes it easy to complete, otherwise you are always struggling to "fit it in" to what
is typically a busy routine. Remember, establishing the completion of the KonMari Method as a priority will ensure it is achieved.

3. Let all members know they are part of the team!
Everyone will be motivated to contribute to the tidying when they are made to feel important
and are provided with a role. While the older members of the family will complete the large majority of the tidying, children as young as three are still able to tidy their own belongings. 
Bringing all members on board to the KonMari Method in the beginning makes for less work later on. 

If you have questions regarding how I can help your family through the KonMari Method, please feel free to contact me.