Back to School - KonMari Tidying

With school starting soon, or perhaps even started, now is a great time to tidy up some key areas in your home. A bit of time and effort in going through these areas will ensure the year starts off organized and running smoothly (who doesn't want that?!). Below you will find a list of the areas and/or groupings to tidy through.


  1. Clothing - Sort through and remove any non-seasonal and outgrown items. This will ensure that everything remaining fits and is a daily option.
  2. Footwear - Swapping out (some) sandals and other summer related footwear for more fall appropriate options will reduce entryway and closet clutter.
  3. Food storage containers - Tidy up all containers used for packed lunches and snacks. Ensure all containers have their matching lid and are in good order for the upcoming year. Organize these items in one area to make lunch prep easy!
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  4. Office/craft supplies - Clean out all home school/craft supplies and remove items that are too plentiful or broken. Organize supplies in one space, which will make homework time run more efficiently when everything is easily found.
  5. Summer toys - While summer weather may (hopefully) continue into September, it's a great idea to start slowly putting away water toys, sports equipment and other summer related items. This makes it easier to transition between seasons and reduces clutter between summer and fall toys/equipment.

Here's to a wonderful 2017-18 school year!