Serene in 2018 Challenge


When I went through my own KonMari journey, in 2015, there were two distinct areas where I struggled the most. First in not having a clear outline of the process and second, in not having an outlet to connect with others going through the method. Recalling these struggles has created the basis of my virtual tidying programs; clear step-by-step instruction, real-life guidance, support and a community of fellow clients for motivation and connection.

Over the last year of offering online programming, I have come to recognize that not every client requires the same level of assistance and support. My Master Class is a great fit for the individual who is seeking one on one guidance and the Twelve Week to Tidy program works well for someone needing a medium level of support. However, I have yet to offer virtual assistance for those who require less... until now!

The Serene in 2018 challenge provides all the regular program material, less the additional guidance of the webinars and weekly email prompts. If you are considering starting the KonMari Method and want downloadable instruction, access to a Certified consultant for Q&A support and a community of others journeying under the same facilitation - this program is for you!

While I currently have no plans to offer this type of challenge on a regular basis, it is a program that I will advertise for likely once a year. The best way to stay informed of this program is to follow me on Facebook and sign-up for my newsletter (I promise I don't spam)!

The next Serene in 2018 Challenge starts Sunday, February 18. 2018
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