How the KonMari Method Changed My Outlook on Life

As I've shared in other content, the KonMari Method not only changed our home, but to the same extent me as a person. The latter is not something I anticipated, yet it has created as lasting of an impact on my life as tidying up our home has.

Clutter and disorganization has an overwhelmingly negative affect on our mental wellness, yet it is rarely discussed much less remedied. This article by Sherrie Bourg Carter, Psy. D is a tremendous resource to help illustrate my point and is well worth the read. For further conveyance, picture how you would feel in a room that is packed with overflowing boxes, with books stacked to the ceiling and clothing in piles all over the floor. Now comparatively, imagine how you would feel in a room that is void of clutter, where there is nothing on the floor and where everything is initially displayed. It is not hard to determine which the preferred environment would be and how living in this space would have a positive affect on your life. 

Prior to starting my own journey, I recognized that I was feeling increasing stress with our home and my hope was that the KonMari Method would help me to address this. However, I was unaware of how this change would transpire or how soon it would start to manifest itself. 

The initial glimmer of change occurred with the first category of tidying, clothing. Removing the articles of my wardrobe that did not bring me joy, freed up physical space and created a sense of inspiration. I felt excited to get dressed in the morning, knowing all of my wardrobe was an option because everything made me happy to wear it. Spending time looking at my neatly organized wardrobe brought me a sense of zen; and honing in on my style preferences established a better sense of focus for shopping which significantly cut down on the amount of time I browsed stores and money spent. 

The more categories I tidied and the more unwanted things that left my home, the more centred I became. It's as though tidying removed the haze that had been clouding my vision. I started to recognize and better, confront poor habits I had previously not been aware of or chose not to acknowledge. My attitude became more positive and my prioritizes shifted. The trivial things that occupied my mind six months prior, never resurfaced and the dreams I thought were unattainable suddenly were at my doorstep. As over-the-top as it may sound, by the end of my KonMari journey, I felt reborn.

I refrained from sharing the full extent of the above sentiments with others because I felt it would likely be met with skepticism by those who had not started the process. However, one of the most affirming experiences I have ever had (not just with respect to the KonMari Method, but in life) was to be in the company of fellow aspiring KonMari consultants at the seminar I attended. It was shared that every attendee, felt a significantly positive change in their life as a result of the method. Some shared that they left their respective professions, others talked about how they downsized their homes, started new hobbies, lost weight and so forth. 

When we remove distraction, priorities and possibilities become obvious and much more obtainable. The KonMari Method is not just about decluttering and organizing your physical space, but also your mind and heart.


Starting the KonMari Method.

Sometimes you need to go back to the beginning in order to fully appreciate how far you have come. The above photo unexpectedly popped up on my newsfeed, reminding me that today marks two years since I started the KonMari Method. On that day, I was cautiously optimistic and equally desperate for change. What I was not aware of then was the extent of the change I was about to experience, both in my home and my person.

I have been candid in sharing my KonMari journey. I've noted the highs and lows of the physical process of tidying; and I've focused just about the same, on my personal growth that transpired while progressing through the method. 

Conveying the magnitude of change that I have experienced as a result of this method is definitely better suited to a book (someday) rather than a blog post, but if I could go back in time to two years ago and offer myself some reassurance this is what I would share:

  • Despite all the things you assume will stand in your way of the process (children, busy schedule, etc) you will find it easier and more manageable than you thought. It will become a priority and through which you will progress at a steady pace.
  • You will start to save money almost immediately and by way of selling, even start to make some!
    (This may seem like a strange thing to share, but as a family of five on a then, single income, this made a significant difference)
  • Almost immediately after starting the process, you will feel a deep sense of calm. Knowing that you are working towards a permanent change shifts your mindset and overall outlook.
  • You will learn things about yourself you never knew or recognized. This will allow you to create a vision of your life that you would never have otherwise imagined possible. (Seriously
  • The time you spend currently cleaning and tidying up will be drastically reduced once you complete the method - hurrah! 

See, the KonMari Method is bigger than the sum of things you declutter and the beautiful ways you decide to create organization in your home; it is weighted in the first hand experience of discovering your true self and potential. This is the why the KonMari Method is not simply creating change in your home, but rather your life. It is also why I am so passionate about others discovering this process, I want everyone to experience the joy I have found in their own lives.