Continued Tidying

The promise in that if I properly adhered to Marie Kondo's method of tidying and organizing my home, I would never have to do it again, is one of the main reasons I decided to give the process a try! Tidy once... and never have to do it again?! Sign me up! 

While I believe the above to be true, the reality post completion is not necessarily as straight forward. You will never have to do a full home tidy again, this is true. But will you need to maintain the order you have worked so hard to achieve? Yes, absolutely. 

This is not something that, at least to my knowledge, Kondo has really addressed. So with this, should it prove useful to you, I will share my experience. 

The tidying I do now varies greatly from what I use to (attempt) to do prior to going through the KonMari Method. Now, in an effort to maintain only the things that serve my home and Spark Joy, my current tidying is much more enjoyable and requires a minuscule about of time and effort... but I do, still have to do it.

In my experience, I have recognized three separate groupings of items in my home that I maintain the tidiness of:

FREQUENT: This category of items includes belongings that I use daily and therefore find myself tidying on a routine, albeit sometimes unconscious, basis. For example, my beauty products. I use these every single day and declutter as I find myself no longer enjoying or making use of certain ones. The same for my clothing. 
Other examples: Home Decor, Purses, Cleaning Supplies/Equipment, Books

INFREQUENT: These items are grouped according to things that are readily accessible in my home, but are not used on a frequent basis. Our off-season footwear is a great example of this category, because while the storage is in our laundry room, I only find myself needing to visit this area quarterly as the seasons change. I have now made it a routine that when I go to use a grouping of infrequent items, that I do a quick tidy. 
Other Examples: Tools, Gift Wrapping Supplies, Outdoor Equipment

NON-FREQUENT: Items belonging to the non-frequent category of belongings is the one that I encourage being the most mindful toward. This is because often items in this category are stored and therefore can go undetected as no longer being made use of or bringing joy. I recently went through my paper stationary supplies for this exact reason. I hadn't taken an inventory of what I had since doing my initial tidy as part of the KonMari Method. I was amazed that I decided almost half of what I had stored was no longer Sparking Joy. For this category, I recommend making a list of the groupings of items you have stored and schedule a time, ideally annually, to go through them.
Other examples: Seasonal decorations, Hobby Supplies, Camping Equipment, Digital Documents

Mindfulness after tidying is what ultimately will maintain order in your home. Simple planning and a few scheduled tidying sessions in combination with your routine decluttering is all it takes to maintain a home of joy, order and organization! 

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