Tips for Completing the KonMari Method

Here's a bit of a real talk. Like a lot of new pursuits, there is an initial honeymoon stage whereby you are swept up in excitement and optimism. You're firing on all cylinders and you couldn't be more motivated. Then, inevitably, you settle into your new endeavour and the time, effort and commitment start to fog up the rose coloured glasses you were wearing. This is when we must dig in a bit deeper and find ways in which to stay the course and see our pursuit through to completion.

Below are five practical things you can do to ensure you complete your KonMari journey:

  1. Visit (and revisit) your vision: There is a reason you sought out the KonMari Method. You decided to make a positive change to create order and tidiness in your home. Your reasons and goals are your vision. Spending time reflecting on your objective is an easy way to reignite your motivation. 
  2. Have realistic expectations: The KonMari Method does require effort - both physical and emotional. The tidying process also takes time. Both of these factors coupled with even a moderately busy life, means completing the KonMari Method will not happen overnight. Rushing the process is neither productive nor sustainable. When you acknowledge and accept that maintaining a realistic and productive tidying pace is best, you will avoid burnout and disappointment.
  3. Plan: I cannot stress enough the importance of scheduling time for tidying. In the beginning of your tidying festival no doubt you were excited to tidy and therefore you prioritized time for it. Once the novelty starts to wear, other obligations or interests will easily distract you from tidying and if you don't commit yourself to scheduled sessions each week, they can easily not happen. 
  4. Observe how much you've tidied: Gain inspiration to continue your efforts through looking at what you've already accomplished. Spend some time proudly admiring your orderly closet and dresser drawers. Recall how many books you decluttered and piles of paper you recycled. It's easy to lose sight of how far you've come when you are only focused on what remains. You can do this, because you've been doing this! 
  5. Accountability: There's very few better motivators to get you tidying, like knowing someone is going to hold you to your goal. Share your tidying plan for each week with family and friends and ask them to hold you accountable. 
  6. Recruit a friend, join a group/program: Don't go it alone! Gain inspiration, motivation, encouragement and support from others going through this unique process. Encourage friends and family to consider going through the method and commit to assisting each other throughout your journeys. There are lots of Facebook groups and other online communities of people sharing and connecting through the KonMari process. Another resource can be obtained through the guidance of a KonMari consultant for trained support. There are options, determine what will work best for you!

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