How to Dispose of Unwanted Toiletries


Have you cleaned out your toiletries and makeup only to be left with nearly full or even half empty bottles, tubes and the like? Below are some useful suggestions on how to properly dispose of these unwanted items, reduce waste and brighten someone else's day!

1. Friends & Family - You may be tired of your go-to perfume, but a friend or family member might be looking to switch up their current scent. Perfect! Gather your unwanted goodies and share! Put together a bag of your toiletries and cosmetics and pass it on to a friend; invite them to take what they wish and pass the bag on to another.

2. Hostels - Typically guests who stay in hostels are traveling for an extended period of time and as a result, tend to pack light. Passing on your unwanted toiletries would most likely be greatly appreciated by someone staying in such accommodations. 

3. Church - Donating baby supplies to a church's baby and child room is helpful.

4. Homeless, Women & Men's Shelters - Prior to donating, contact the shelter to see if they accept quality, used toiletries. Some shelters are very happy to receive things like shower gel, powders, lotions, etc. While other shelters may have a strict policy against this.

5. Travel-size Containers for the Homeless - Buying inexpensive, empty dollar store containers and filling them with your unwanted essentials such as: shower gel, lotion, powder, and other toiletries is a wonderful way to donate rather than discard. Handing out these supplies is a kind gesture that undoubtedly would be greatly appreciated. 

6. Travel-size Supplies for Guests - Similar to #5 above, put together small, travel-size supplies for guests when they stay with you. A small basket of goodies left in the guest bedroom or bath is always a thoughtful gesture.

If the products you have are not sufficient for the suggestions above, seek the advice of your local waste management facility. In my area, there are specific places where you can bring these items and they will be properly disposed of.