How the KonMari Method Changed my Life

As they say, sometimes the simplest of things have the biggest impact.

In this post, I am sharing my #1 tip for successfully completing the KonMari Method. This tip has proven immensely beneficial to my clients and I hope it offers you the same. 

Like many endeavours, there tends to be a lot of excitement and motivation in the beginning, but that often fades as time passes. Novelty can give way to dismissiveness and it requires effort to continue the pursuit.  I can attest to this as my own experience of going through the KonMari Method. Initially I couldn't wait to tidy; I felt all consumed with the process and the last thing I found myself doing was struggling to put the necessary effort in. By the third or fourth category however, I needed to really push myself to get my tidying done. When the novelty subsided it became "one more thing" on my to do list and sometimes it was the first thing I omitted during a busy week. While I knew quitting was not an option, because I wanted to achieve success, I realized I needed to make tidying a priority. A great analogy is wanting to train to run a 10km race, but not planning or scheduling times in which to go out to practice running. The same is true for progressing through the KonMari Method. If you want to make it to the finish line of this process, you need to plan and accommodate this into your weekly and monthly schedule. Designating specific time for tidying will ensure that it happens!


  1. Choose times for tidying that have the least amount of distraction. If you are a busy parent, plan to work during the evening when your children are in bed, have your partner mind the children or hire care. If you work from home, do not try and accommodate your tidying during your working hours. It is best to focus a small amount of concentrated attention on tidying than it is to try and multi-task over several hours.
  2. Ensure that you share your plans for tidying with the other members of your family or anyone else that may be affected by this, so there are not any surprises when you begin your tidying session.

  3. If your weekends tend to be busy and do not accommodate a full morning or afternoon session, spread out your tidying over the course of a few evenings a week.

  4. Plan for your tidying in advance of the week ahead. This way you can ensure that there is allocated time and you are not just "squeezing it in"


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