Digital Decluttering

I use to truly believe that if something were "out of sight" then it was equally "out of mind", that was of course until I started the KonMari process. What I discovered while decluttering our home, completely disproved this idea, because the more I let go of things that were hidden out of sight in storage (i.e., out of mind) the less overall stress I carried and more focused I became. 

In relation to the KonMari Method, one area that I find which is not discussed nearly am much as it ought to be, is the amount of digital material a lot of people have and continue to accumulate. Yourself included, how many people do you know keep an empty or nearly empty email inbox? Or, only maintain a certain about of social media related groups, pages and the like? Most people would agree that because this type of acquisition is not a physical one, meaning it does not occupy actual space in their home, they do not concern themselves with tidying this area of their life. Yet, conversely, most people would agree that they have accumulated a lot of digital affairs that they find can be overwhelming resulting in stress, frustration and a lack of efficiency. As with all categories, streamlining your multimedia, social media and computer based documents will make a significant difference, daily, in your life. 

It is for the above reasoning that I include digital decluttering as an important category that must be properly addressed. Most of my clients are overwhelmed at the idea of having to tidy this area and based on my own experience of having completed it, I can definitely appreciate why. However, like all big categories that initially seem daunting, breaking down this area into more manageable subcategories is the easiest approach. 

As a helpful resource, I have provided my subcategory list for Decluttering Digital. 

If you have any questions related to decluttering digital or any other aspect of the KonMari Method, you can always contact me!