KonMari Packing - Tips for Only Using a Carry-on

Going from being an over-packer, of at least two checked size pieces of luggage, to now comfortably traveling on most trips with only a single carry-on suitcase has been huge! 
Prior to making the change, I always packed too much for fear that I would wish I had something while away. What I wasn't aware of is that if you plan your packing, this will never happen!

The benefits of traveling light include:
-Being able to move around the airport and check-in with greater ease
-Never having to worry that your luggage will be lost in transit
-Having everything on your person while you travel
-Savings, checking luggage on most major airlines now comes at a price of at least $25USD each way
-Minimal luggage takes up less room in vehicles

Tips for Packing a Single Carry-On

  • Plan Your Outfits: Go over each of the days you will be away and set aside a complete outfit based on each day's activities.
    • If possible, check the forecast of the area you are visiting and plan accordingly
    • Try on all clothing to ensure they fit properly and are in good condition
  • Pack Neutral Clothes: To maximize being able to mix and match your packed clothes, try and choose colours and prints that are neutral and versatile. For example, bring a solid coloured sweater that will work well with all outfits. Do the same with footwear.

  • Leave the Amenities at Home: Do not pack what you can easily use at the hotel. Bringing items such as a hair-dryer, notepad and travel iron are a waste of valuable space in your suitcase when you can most often find these items in your hotel room (call ahead or check website if you're concerned).

  • Travel Wearing your Heavier Clothing: Free up space in your luggage by wearing your heavier items while traveling. Examples include: sneakers, jacket, heavier sweater and pants.

  • Use Packing Cubes: Packing cubes are an organizational aid that really help to contain clothing in your suitcase. Furthermore they also help to group clothing together for easily locating items and maintaining the structure of folding.

  • Fold Clothing in the KonMari Style: Even if you choose not to use packing cubes, maximize space in your carry-on by using the KonMari style of folding. 

  • Decant Toiletries: Save room by decanting your favourite body and make-up products into smaller travel bottles. This is especially important if you are flying, as full-size liquid products are not permitted in the cabin of the aircraft.