Packing Toiletries Made Easy with ORGO


The principles of the Konmari Method are not just relevant to the home. Intentional focus toward only having what makes you happy and keeping organization simple and efficient are equally beneficial when applied to travel. 

I use to travel with everything, my motto was always "better to have it, than wish you did". Looking back, this was merely a way for me to justify packing on the fly without too much effort or intention. Interestingly, when I completed the KonMari Method I realized that my previous approach to packing was just delaying frustration. We all know how annoying it is to make our way through a busy airport or try and hail a cab with the awkwardness of too much luggage in tow.

Focusing on what to bring and packing efficiently makes all the difference and requires only a modest amount of effort and preplanning. This is especially the case with toiletries. Below you will find my personal and professional recommendation of the ORGO toiletry case and my tips for keeping this area of packing simple.


The Perfect Toiletry Case

The ORGO is truly an innovation. This lightweight, well constructed toiletry case provides built-in organization and features a space saving design. The ORGO fits conveniently on top of any vanity sink making it easy to get ready on the go without overtaking a hotel bathroom or the counter space of an airport washroom. The removable organizers allow for corralling products by likeness and prevents contents from shifting in transit. Other notable features include the two zippered pouches, elastic bands for various brushes and the snap closure that holds both compartments together. 

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Tips for Packing Toiletries:

  • Choose a toiletry case, like the ORGO, that is compact and provides built in organization.
  • Create a packing list of your essential toiletry needs in document form, so you can print off prior to any trip. This will ensure you do not overpack and do not forget anything.
  • Travel with trial-size products. Most popular products sell a travel size that saves space and ensures you can bring it onboard flights.
  • Decant your favourite products into travel containers.
  • Consider products that double up in purpose (ie, a body wash that works well for shaving).
  • If you are traveling with someone, consider sharing products to avoid wasting space in bringing duplicates.

If you have any tips or recommendations for traveling efficiently with toiletries, I would love to hear from you - please share in a comment!