KonMari Kids - Tidying Toys (Before & After)

It's one thing for me to share that tidying toys is possible (and actually easier than most assume), but pictures often convey this best!

Below is a before and after look at the playroom of one of my client's. This space is enjoyed by her two young sons. Sarah-Jane was efficiently able to declutter two bags of toys that were no longer sparking joy and pass along another bag to her nephew. Well done!! 



A playroom that has been properly tidied and cleaned allows for better play. Reducing clutter in areas that store toys provides floor space for creative play, visual simplicity which reduces overstimulation and allows children to actually see more of their toys and instills a sense of order and simplicity. 

It should be noted that encouraging children to maintain tidiness is key to maintaining order. This also teaches children responsibility, pride of ownership and routine. 

If you would like to follow along with Sarah-Jane's entire KonMari journey, you can do so here.

If you are interested in learning how to teach your children the process of tidying through determining what Sparks Joy for them. You may find joining one of my KonMari Kids Virtual Group Tidying Programs to be a good fit.
This group provides step by step guidance through the entire KonMari Method with a specific mindfulness towards the busy schedule of families and categories not included in the author's description of the process that are specific to family life. 
More information can be found here
Next group starts: Week of April 30.