5 Tips for Starting the KonMari Method


While inspired and excited, I often have people share with me that they just can't seem to start the KonMari Method.  This makes perfect sense given the obvious commitment of time and effort required to successfully complete the process. However, sometimes the reason(s) for stalling can be more deeply rooted; feeling overwhelmed, doubting ones capability and being unsure of how to actually begin can all result in putting off starting the method. I reassure you that beginning the KonMari Method is a perfect example of a "mind over matter" situation and once you take the plunge, you'll be be off and tidying in no time!

Below are five tips to help you simplify and plan out the start of your journey.


1. Do your homework: It is not sufficient to just know that the KonMari Method is widely popular and sign up based on that. The KonMari Method differs significantly from other approaches of decluttering and you will likely be surprised by Marie Kondo's instruction. Spend time reading Kondo's three books to familiarize yourself with the methodology from the author's prospective. Being informed creates the most solid foundation for success!

2. Be prepared: Before you begin the process, ensure you have a network of resources and support to help guide your journey. 
Possible suggestions:
- Download the KonMari App. This free tool provides clear structure for your tidying, a network of fellow participants and a platform to store your before/after photos.
- Find or create a checklist. There are loads of free KonMari checklists on the internet. A quick Google search will bring up plenty that are available for download. Choose one that will work best for your needs and add to it as necessary. This will provide you with a roadmap for the process.
- Join Facebook or other social KonMari groups. Lots of Facebook groups and other online forums exists for sharing, conversing and connecting with others going through the process. Joining one or a couple of these groups will help you to feel motivated and will serve as a good sounding board should you need it.
-Enlist the assistance of a Certified KonMari Consultant: Certified consultants are highly educated in the implementation of the method, but equally in how to work one on one with individual circumstances. Working with a consultant will take the guess work out of going through the process and ensure your success.

3. Don't overthink it, just begin: We can be our own worst enemy. We often spend too much time thinking, overanalyzing and building things up in our minds to the point that it just seems impossible to begin. When we don't think "too big picture" things suddenly feel a lot more realistic. Instead of thinking about the whole method, simply focus on trying the first tidying task of going through your clothing. There is no need to commit to the entire process, instead just view the first task as a trial run to see if you like it! 

4. Schedule, Create a gameplan: If you've completed the first category and are now prepared to continue with the method, commit yourself to a realistic tidying schedule. The KonMari Method is not a passive process and requires both physical and mental effort. Without committing yourself to tidying sessions, leaving this endeavour up to chance or opportunity will likely never provide you with a successful completion. Instead, like you would any pursuit, recognize the time you can make available for tidying and commit yourself to fulfilling your goals.

5. Be realistic and patient: Nothing squashes potential more than unrealistic expectations. Being flexible and patient with yourself is the best approach for the entire method, but especially in the beginning. Even for those who start the KonMari method being fully informed, once the begin they can often discover how different the process can be on an individual level. Being patient and realistic with your timeline will keep things manageable and therefore achievable. Nothing great ever comes from rushing!