A Joyful Home Creates a Joyful Life

5 Things That Changed After Completing the KonMari Method

konmari konmari method Feb 08, 2019

I recently asked the following question to a group of my clients who have just completed my Twelve Weeks to Tidy Program, "in what way(s) has either journeying through or completing the KonMari Method changed your life"? Of course I had my own answers to this question, but I was curious to see what others would share. Perhaps not surprisingly, the replies I received, were completly in keeping with my own sentiments and experience. Below are the top five most popular responses:

  1. Sense of calm - Having your home filled with only the things that Spark Joy is a solid foundation for feeling an overall sense of control and calm in all aspects of your life. When your home is in order, others things tend to follow suit. For the things that are not in order, most people express that they feel more focused and motivated to make positive changes. 
  2. Easier to part with things - Learning through the tidying process of the KonMari Method instills an ease by which to let go of...
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