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Tips for Completing the KonMari Method

konmari tips tips Mar 11, 2019

Here's a bit of a real talk. Like a lot of new pursuits, there is an initial honeymoon stage whereby you are swept up in excitement and optimism. You're firing on all cylinders and you couldn't be more motivated. Then, inevitably, you settle into your new endeavour and the time, effort and commitment start to fog up the rose coloured glasses you were wearing. This is when we must dig in a bit deeper and find ways in which to stay the course and see our pursuit through to completion.

Below are five practical things you can do to ensure you complete your KonMari journey:

  1. Visit (and revisit) your vision: There is a reason you sought out the KonMari Method. You decided to make a positive change to create order and tidiness in your home. Your reasons and goals are your vision. Spending time reflecting on your objective is an easy way to reignite your motivation. 
  2. Have realistic expectations: The KonMari Method does require effort - both physical and emotional. The tidying...
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Decluttering Digital Using the KonMari Method

Digital clutter, while it does not occupy physical space, definitely occupies mental. Email spam, Facebook group notifications, digital photos, files, apps... it can be very overwhelming (and seemingly impossible to escape)! For most people, decluttering digital seems so unattainable that they simply do not try. However, a simple strategy and commitment of time is all that is required. 

The liberating feeling of not being inundated with marketing, notifications and multimedia options is one worth putting effort in to achieve. Read on to learn how to regain control of your digital affairs.


1. As with other categories of the KonMari Method, addressing digital with one sub grouping at a time will keep you focused and ensure you are thorough with your tidying.
2. Predetermine what digital areas of clutter you need to address. You may find it beneficial to order these categories by easiest (or least effort) to hardest (most effort).
3. Take your time....

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