A Joyful Home Creates a Joyful Life

Starting the KonMari Method

In watching the new Netflix series, 'Tidying Up with Marie Kondo' I was able to put myself right back into the mindset I had when I began my own KonMari journey back in 2015. Though I work with clients every single day on the KonMari Method, watching the Netflix series allowed me to simply be an observer rather than a facilitator. In this, I have truly been able to reflect on my experience, especially with respect to how I got started on my journey.

Sometimes you need to go back to the beginning in order to fully appreciate how far you have come. On the Saturday I began with tidying my clothing, I was cautiously optimistic and equally desperate for change. What I was not aware of then was the extent of the change I was about to experience, both in my home and my person.

I have been candid in sharing my KonMari journey. I've noted the highs and lows of the physical process of tidying; and I've focused just about the same, on my personal growth that transpired while...

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