Why the KonMari Method

The frustration caused by clutter is a shared social sentiment. It doesn't take long and you don't need to look too far to see an article, news story, video or challenge focused on decluttering.

This is a good thing. 

People are starting to take conscious stock of the negative affects that living with clutter causes: stress, anxiety, depression. Also a decreased desire to be social, learn new things and certainly a disengagement from what our homes should be for us, a sanctuary.

Have you ever noticed why hotel rooms can often be so inviting? A tidy space void of excess stuff just makes us feel better.

However even if we can identify how having too much is not a good thing and even if we make a resolve to do something about it, it isn't always that simple.

Where to start? What to get rid of? What if I need that in the future?  Sound familiar?

Decluttering, certainly without any set perimeters or guidance, can create a never ending, make work project. Ultimately, never resolving anything.

The KonMari Method is a lifelong solution to never having to deal with clutter again. While this seems like too big of a statement, when you consider the reasons why it's so successful it is really not that surprising.

The KonMari Method provides clear instruction. Most notably to tidy by category not room. It is also based on the philosophy of only keeping what makes us happy (Spark Joy) vs. any other criteria.

It is in learning how to prioritize what brings us joy that we curate a home that does the same. In journeying through the process we learn only to keep what is of value and by letting everything else go, managing one's home is suddenly not a challenge. 

While the KonMari Method sometimes feels like magic, the truth is, it's a calling to come back to basics - so we can actually have more.



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