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The KonMari Method is often discussed in relation to the practice of minimalism. While the two share some ideological similarities, they differ in that minimalism concentrates on intentionally living with a finite amount of things. In contrast, the KonMari approach focuses on only having that which truly makes you happy and brings you joy. While the two often produce similar results, it is not inherent. 'Declutter' therefore is not necessarily limited to items in general, rather specific items that do not spark joy in your life.

Yes! Even the busiest of families with small children can achieve success through the KonMari process and maintain order and simplicity in their homes. 

There are many determining factors that contribute to how long it takes a person to complete the KonMari Method. However on average, implementing the method of tidying can be completed in 3-6 months.

The expectation is that the items you no longer wish to keep are removed from the home as soon as possible. Where or what is done with these items is up to the individual.

Reading the books will provide you with good insight to the method and format of the process. However it is not mandatory for working with me. 

As with many endeavours having a coach or personal trainer aids in overall success of the objective. Having someone assist you who is trained can save time by being able to troubleshoot possible struggles. Accountability to someone often assists in being able to achieve the desired goal in a more timely fashion than pursing it alone. Specifically the KonMari process often involves an emotional component whereby a consultant can truly be instrumental in providing a source of emotional and physical support.

Ideally the method would be completed by all family members living in the home. However, sometimes there are circumstances where this is not possible. In these cases the focus is then placed on one client and their things within the home. It should be noted that often when other family members are initially disinterested in the method, they frequently change their mind when they see the significant changes that the KonMari Method provides and later decide to participate. 

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