Implementing the KonMari Method into young family life is completely manageable, but in our opinion does require extra consideration and guidance. Including additional categories, creating a schedule for tidying and teaching children the concept of what it means to 'Spark Joy' are all topics not covered in Marie Kondo's books. These areas are where we pride ourselves in facilitating success and making the KonMari process one that is enjoyable for all members of the family. More information can be found in this video.

KonMari Kids offers consulting with an added focus on young families and is available both In Person and though Virtual consulting. Kindly send us an email to discuss how we can best serve you.

Offered on a quarterly basis is our KonMari Kids Virtual Group Tidying program. Registration for this can be made below.


My Joyful Home Group Tidying program materials & master checklist
-Getting Started Package (Guidance for the whole family to excitedly prepare to start the method)
-KonMari Kids E-book (How to teach children the skill of 'Sparking Joy')
-PDF handouts for each category (How To, Tips, Points to Consider)
-Category videos (Folding demonstration, Paper system set-up, etc)

Members only, private Facebook group

Maximum of 10 participants per group

Consultant led program for completing the KonMari Method

Monthly group webinars

6-8 month method completion timeline (flexible to accommodate pace of the group)

Next Group: TBA

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*Please note for Virtual Consulting:

  • Online lessons are not the recommended format in which to conduct tidying sessions according to the KonMari MethodTM 
  • The designation of "KonMari Consultant" is awarded solely for home-visiting lessons