Twelve Weeks to Tidy


Your roadmap for completing the KonMari Method.

✔︎ Easy to follow instruction
✔︎ Complete guidance
✔︎  Support
✔︎  Motivation

The life-changing benefits of decluttering using the KonMari Method are immeasurable. Whether you're looking to simply gain control of your home, reclaim your life or both; decluttering is the first step.

When we're not mentally and physically overwhelmed by clutter, everything is possible.

The Twelve Weeks to Tidy course is ideal for individuals seeking  step-by-step, easy to follow instruction throughout the entire KonMari Method of home decluttering. The level of instruction touches on both the process and personal growth aspects of the method.

Included as an optional component in this course is the KonMari Master Client community, which offers on-going learning, Q&A opportunities and a way to seek connection, accountability and motivation from those also journeying through the process.


Program Introduction

Getting Started
- Getting Started E-Book
- About the Method
- Initial FAQ
- Creating your Vision
- Master Checklist

12 Categories of Tidying
- 12x Instructional Modules
- 14x Downloadable PDFs
- 7x Instructional Videos (totalling 5 hours)
- 6x Re-cap Videos (totalling 4 hours)

Advanced Tips/Information
- 5x Misc. Informational PDFs
- 1x Motivational Video (45 mins)

Post Completion Wrap-Up
- 1x PDF
- 1x Video (30 mins)

My Joyful Home Master Client Group (hosted on Facebook)

All material is available for 1 year from time of purchase.


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